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  • Shankar Pharmacy Psorex Oil

    Shankar Pharmacy Psorex Oil Psorex also an oil based formulation for psoriasis and other skin diseases like sheeeta pitta, urticaria etc. Contains dantha palai, konna, kasthurimanjal etc which are excellent medicines for psoriasis. Shankar Pharmacy Psorex Oil has to be applied for one to two hrs before bath; soap has to be avoided for good [...]

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  • Vajeekaran Capsules

    Vajeekaran Capsules An Ayurvedic Medicine for Men and Women. “Vajee” literally translates in to the word ‘horse’ in English, “karan” means one which provides / gives. Here horse symbolizes the immense potential of energy – vajeevat labhate soukhyam- the treatment which gives the energy of a horse to man is vajeekarana chikitsa, and it is [...]

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  • Dioset Capsules

    Dioset Capsules An Ayurvedic Medicine controls insulin level of the body. Dioset Capsules are made from venga, arayal, manjal, nellikkai, and nenjiril, this again is a time tested medicine for the SP patent range of medicines. Hypothesis say that these drugs have direct stimulation on organs of our body like the spleen, liver etc. This [...]

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  • Amrita Bindu

    Shankar Pharmacy Amrita Bindu Natural Protection for Gas troubles, Indigestion, Acid Peptic Diseases, Gastric and Duodenal Ulcers. Amrita Bindu treats Stomach related problems and helps healing Ulcers and destroying the bacteria involved in the formation of these ulcers. Amrita Bindu a purely Ayurvedic Medicine for stomach related problems. Hyperacidity, Gastric Ulcer, Peptic Ulcer, Duodenal Ulcer, [...]

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  • Sthanya Syrup

    Shankar Pharmacy Sthanya Syrup An Ayurvedic Medicine for Uterus. A syrup based formulation, contains ingredients like ashokam, pachotti, sathavari, nilappana, vidari, ashwagandha etc. Ashokam is a well known drug to us. It has a direct action on the uterine muscle fibers and has a stimulating effect on the endometrium. Pachotti, palmudukku are good coolants. Satavari [...]

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    Ulset – An Ayurvedic Medicine Indication : Hyper Acidity, peptic ulcers, gas troubles, indigestion, vomitings, amoebiasis, acidity. Ulset gives perfect cure for ulser without surgery. Apart from Cancer. Peptic Ulcer. Deodinol ulcer. hyper acidity, Gas,etc., can be completely cured by ulset. 2ml of ulset with 30ml. boiled and cooled water 3 times daily after food [...]

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  • Shankar Pharmacy Products - Beauty Health Products can be shipped to Singapore ( SG ).
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  • Transit Time of Shankar Pharmacy Products from India to Singapore is 9 to 10 days

Singapore Online Shopping store – Emporium On Net , Singapore ( SG ) is an Online retailer, a E-Shopping Mall. We are your personal buying agent in India for best beauty and health products range online for Singapore customers and one of the fastest growing online stores / Marketplace.Store prices ( currency ) are in Singapore dollars ( SGD ). Buy Shankar Pharmacy products online in Emporiumonnet store. Shankar Pharmacy Online Store feature a great collection of high-quality Indian Branded beauty & Health, cosmetics, natural, herbal and ayurvedic products, friendly service and of course, all products are shipped from Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India. We Indian Products Mall an Online Store have try to bring you the best shopping experience on the Internet for the Customers in SG . We are your personal buying / service agent in India for Singapore [ SG ] and world wide customers. Shankar Pharmacy Online Store Shankar Pharmacy  Order Processing , Procurement / Purchase & Shipping. After receipt of your order for Shankar Pharmacy with payment completed. We send you an order acknowledgement email of order processing. Our Shopping Executives purchase the Shankar Pharmacy from the product distributor / authorised Stores / Retail Mall With in 2 to 3 working days time. We ship the products through  India Speed Post EMS Express Shipping. After shipping your order Shankar Pharmacy we will send you an Shipped acknowledgement email. Transit time from India to Worldwide Countries is 5 to 8 Working Days. Shankar Pharmacy

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