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  • Skinelle Nutra

    Skinelle Nutra Skinelle Nutra Indications Skinelle Nutra is used in the following treatment modes : Prophylactic Mode : Nutritional support to delay. Wrinkles Altered pigmentation Loss of skin tone Photo-ageing Oxidative stress & disease induced premature ageing Therapeutic Mode : As an adjuvant in treatment of eczema, psoriasis & other skin alterations. Dosage for Skinelle [...]

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  • Vigoroll Jelly

    Vigoroll Jelly An invigorative rejuvenator & revitaliser. Vigoroll Jelly Chief Ingredients : Amalaki, Nagkesar, Tamalpatra. Vigoroll Jelly Uses : General debility, convalescene, fatigue, low energy, debility. Vigoroll Jelly Benefits : Energises, relieves fatigue, restores well-being. Vigoroll Jelly Dosage : Adults : 2 – 3 teaspoonfuls of Vigoroll Jelly 3 times a day. Children : 1 [...]

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  • Utriplex Lotion

    Charak Utriplex Lotion An emollient with soothing, cooling & anti-puritic effect. Utriplex Lotion Chief Ingredients : Aloe vera, Marigold, Mustard, Pudhina, Kokum. Uses of Utriplex Lotion : Urticaria, chronic and allergic itchy skin ailments, skin problems due to heat. Benefits of Utriplex Lotion : Utriplex Lotion cools and soothes burning sensation, comforts associated pain, relieves [...]

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  • Stop IBS Tablets

    Stop IBS Tablets Intestinal motility modulator. Stop IBS Tablet Chief Ingredients : Shunthi, Musta, Bilva, Ativisha, Brahmi, Kutaj. Stop IBS Benefits : Manages all aspects of Irritable Bowel Syndrome ( IBS ), modulates the Intestinal Motility in single formulation to treat all symptoms of IBS. Stop IBS Tablet Dosage : 1 Stop IBS Tablet 2 [...]

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  • Skinelle Cream

    Charak Skinelle Cream Natural comedolytic & antimicrobial. Skinelle Cream Chief Ingredients : Shalmali, Haridra. Skinelle Cream Uses : Adolescent and premenstural acne. Benefits of Skinelle Cream : Skinelle Cream reduces acne, clears acne scars, prevents infection. Skinelle Cream Dosage : Apply Skinelle Cream twice a day on acne till skin becomes clear.

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  • Rymanyl Liniment

    Rymanyl Liniment Safe & effective antiarthritic. Rymanyl Liniment Chief Ingredients : Nirgundi, Shyonak, Shuddha Guggul. Rymanyl Liniment Uses : Rheumatoid arthritis, fibrositis, spondylitis, sprains, joint pain, pain in the hip and neck joints. Benefits of Rymanyl Liniment : Rymanyl Liniment relives pain, provides relief to joints. Rymanyl Liniment Dosage : Apply Rymanyl Liniment gently on [...]

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